You know your child is hurting but you’re not sure how to help.

She has shut down at home and refuses to talk about what happened.  Or maybe she is dealing with her loss with clinginess, refusal to sleep in her own bed, and a return to behaviors you thought she grew out of years ago. Your heart is aching too and that pain is only compounded by the guilt you feel about not knowing how to support your child during this difficult time.

Play therapy for children and talk therapy for adolescents can aid healing.

Whether it is the death of a loved one or the sudden loss of a stable family unit, I can help your child process her emotions so that her heart can heal. I have years of experience providing a safe and comforting environment for children to open up about their thoughts and feelings. With young children this is done through play therapy using sand trays, art, and toys specifically chosen for their therapeutic value.

Play is the easiest way for children to express what is on their minds and in their hearts. Putting words to thoughts and feelings is hard for adults, so it’s no wonder that children have trouble with this too (either because what they are feeling is too threatening or because their brains have not matured enough to process in the way that teens and adults typically do). In time work will focus on building your child’s ability to recognize what her needs are so that she is able to use words to ask for help.

I will also provide parenting support helping you to:

  • understand what is behind your child’s behaviors
  • recognize patterns so that you can help your child before he or she looses control
  • be consistent while still being loving
  • let your values guide your parenting choices
  • create a space for your child to connect and open up to you

You can help your child heal.