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One-on-One Parent Consultations

Lately your son’s (or daughter’s) constant disrespect and whining has become exhausting.  Maybe you’re sick of facing nightly battles about bedtime, or maybe you’re tired of the tantrums that start each time you ask him to turn off screens. At school and with friends, his behavior is not an issue, and in some ways that hurts even more– you are left wondering why he saves his worst for you. When you talk to other parents and professionals they assure you this is normal.  But you have a nagging feeling that if you don’t do something to make it better, your connection with your child will suffer (and in fact maybe it already has). The thing is, parenting “typical” behavior challenges can be really hard, and there is no reason you have to figure it out alone.   I specialize in providing a non-judgemental space for parents to explore what is behind their children’s behaviors, so that they can learn how to respond more effectively.  The result is that parents’ relationships with their children change for the better. If you are ready to come up with a plan that will allow you to fall in love with your child all over again click here to contact me so we can get started.

The Details:

Services typically include an intake assessment followed by a month of  weekly sessions to identify and implement new strategies. Research shows it takes 66 days to create a habit (Lally, 2009).  With this in mind, biweekly sessions are recommended for an additional 4-6 weeks as you create new patterns and work through challenges.  The initial intake session focuses on identifying causes of the behavior as well as your long term goals.   I develop a custom plan based on this information to help you and your child reach your goals.  In follow up sessions we will focus on building the skills you need to teach new behaviors to your child.  This process works quickly because your child already knows and trusts you and because you have an intimate understanding of the situation.  This model also allows you to be the “expert” in your child’s eyes as you teach them new ways to ask for what they need.

Parenting sessions usually occur virtually using VSee technology.  This allows you the convenience of meeting with me from the comfort of your own home or from your office during your lunch break.  Sessions can also occur in my office in Matthews, NC (across from the Siskey Y) or for a slightly higher fee they can occur in your home if you are in the Charlotte area.

imageVSee HIPPAA-compliant telemedicine technology – Used by NASA astronauts aboard the international Space Station

If your child’s behaviors extend to the classroom or are effecting his or her relationships outside the home, or if it is important to you that I work with both you and your child  click here to find out what those services look like.