• Chronic Illness in Families

You are exhausted by juggling all the balls required to meet everyone’s needs.

Someone in your family is struggling with an illness. Naturally, the bulk of your energy has gone to that person as you struggle to help them heal and cope with treatment.  Lately, you have noticed that there is a new problem on your hands.  Your son or daughter (without a diagnosis) is desperately seeking attention by acting out or having emotional outbursts.  Or maybe you are worried about your child who never asks for anything and who has shrunk into a smaller version of themselves in order to take up as little attention as possible.

Your connection with your healthy child is taking a toll.

You love all of your children but sometimes when your healthy child misbehaves your not sure you like him very much.  The weight of that admission is crushing, and it is compounded by the guilt you feel about not being able to give him all of the attention he is craving. Or maybe your healthy child never asks for attention and she seems to be taking everything in stride but you are concerned about her and you can’t remember the last time she opened up about how she really feels.  In fact, maybe, in order to not be a nuisance she has cut herself off from you to the point that you are more like acquaintances then parent and child.

It’s okay to seek extra support for your healthy child.

Your family is going through a lot and it is okay to reach out for help.  I specialize in creating a safe space for children to explore their thoughts and feelings.  I help children learn how to ask for what they need in ways that will be heard but won’t get them in trouble.  And I help parents rebuild connections with children despite the stress and heartache caused by the chronic illness of a family member.

If you would like to:

  • give your child a space to be heard
  • help your child learn how to handle difficult emotions
  • strengthen your relationship with your healthy child

I would be happy to schedule a free phone consultation to explore whether my services can help your family.