Are you frustrated?

We all love our children but when they are pushing us to our limits it can be hard to connect with them.  If your child’s tantrums, poor attitude, or other problem behaviors have brought you to the point of frustration, you are not alone.  Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals and parents can feel confused and overwhelmed when they have tried “everything” but behaviors still aren’t improving.

It takes a village…

When children need help with their homework or with tying their shoes they are very good at letting us know.  When they need help with mastering a developmental task, or with compensating for a challenging temperament trait, their cries for help look different.  Instead of using words, children often ask for help with misbehavior.

I can help.

I specialize in helping parents decode what their children are asking for, and I support parents as they build new skills to address those needs. I work with children to build social skills, feelings awareness and the ability to recognize and ask for what they  need.  As a result, parents rebuild connections with their children that are stronger then ever.

I would love to support your family.