Are you at a loss for how to handle your child’s behaviors?

Constructive Parenting, PLLC is a Charlotte based company that offers professional parenting advice for parents who are looking for help in guiding their children through a rocky phase or a frustrating period.  Parenting is hard, and kids don’t come with instruction manuals.  Every child is different, but every kid struggles at times and this can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and confused.  Maybe your child is having trouble verbalizing his feelings.   Or maybe she has recently started having trouble getting along with peers.  Maybe your toddler’s tantrums seem out of control compared to those of his peers.  If you are used to being an expert at many things, it can feel overwhelming and confusing when you are having a difficult time supporting your child through a rough patch. Constructive Parenting provides tools for parents to reconnect with their children during these trying times in order to help kids emerge as more capable individuals.

Licensed clinical social worker and behavioral therapist Amanda Zaidman is the owner and lead therapist of Constructive Parenting, PLLC.   Using her fifteen years of experience, Amanda will work with you to identify custom goals for your child and then give you the tools you need to help YOU help your child succeed.  If you are looking for parenting solutions that will help you to raise a child you admire Contact me today and we can work together to build a custom plan for your family.

Building Strong Foundations For Healthy Families